1. Pay my bills and stabilize my own life.

2. Create New Music and Innovative stuff

3. Spread awareness and drop knowledge for the Terrestrial Sleepers to awaken (using interviews, social media, and all platforms)

4. Literally build a new path within the music business with our earnings. Which means I’ll probably have my own label and distributors helping out OTHER ARTISTS THAT ARE ALSO DOING SOMETHING NEW, produce them, make good records, help launch the GOOD ARTISTS that I’m sure are struggling and hustling with the current state of the music scene.

6. Launch the KEENSHIP APP that in itself will revolutionize the way people use social media and the new technologies, and elevate the spirit and the “openmindness” of people all over the world.

7. Continue to develop and strengthen ALL OF THE ABOVE until the time comes for me to move on to the next cosmic phase.