new eyes new ears

Farees possesses a rich heritage encompassing diverse cultures, which is mirrored in his fertile and robust musical background. With a Tuareg (Black and Berber) ancestry through his mother, and Italian and German heritage from his father, Farees is the bearer of a new universal outlook, and his music impacts and offers change to naturally unfold.

Just as his family roots span diverse backgrounds, his musical growth and development have been equally as rich. Farees began his musical career in Africa, collaborating with groups such as TINARIWEN, when he quickly made a name for himself on the African music scene. His talent, notoriety and influence spread across Mali, Algeria, Niger, Morocco, Mauritania and Libya. His fame soon spread throughout the continent. Building upon his success, Farees then decided to embark on a worldwide musical journey.

Farees’ love of the blues took him to the biggest stages around the world – think of the NEW ORLEANS JAZZ & HERITAGE FESTIVAL or the VANCOUVER FOLK FESTIVAL – allowing him to collaborate with legendary figures, such as TAJ MAHAL, BEN HARPER, and CALEXICO. He also garnered attention and praise from esteemed musicians like blues master COREY HARRIS, as well as the legendary LEO NOCENTELLI, founder and main composer of THE METERS, and legendary bassist, BILLY COX, from The JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE & The BAND OF GYPSYS. He will continue to forge awe-inspiring musical creations, crafting a sonic tapestry that solidifies his status as a globally renowned artist.

Since his early performances and recordings, Farees has utilized music as a means to address the issues and injustices faced by humanity, which transcend continents, beliefs, and ethnicities. To Farees, music is the most powerful form of therapy. It offers solace for both the inner self and the external world. Music has the capacity to heal and cure, often more effectively and readily than any professional practice. Farees embraces the conviction that music possesses the power to usher in a realm of novelty and distinction to our world, provided that one approaches it with a free mind. 

Farees is both outspoken and fierce, coupled with kindness and gentleness. He embodies empathy and courage, introversion and revolution, sensitivity and relentlessness. Guided by this clear vision, Farees knows the path that he wants to blaze with his music. He declares he is not a guru, but a free man who just speaks his mind, allowing the music to act as a messenger, a healer, and so much more. His commitment stems from his innate connection with the sounds of the universe. It’s as simple and natural as that.

Growing up with a multiracial background and experiencing life in various countries and continents, Farees gained a distinct perspective on society and human relations. His multilingualism and multiculturalism enable him to embody different cultures and worldviews, without needing to choose sides or groups. The music of Farees defies categorization, as truly innovative and fresh creations often do. It embodies a unique style: a next-generation groove that goes beyond genres of the past. 

His latest release, BLINDSIGHT, catapults Farees into a realm of unparalleled and innovative coolness. He charts a course through genre-bending sonic landscapes and socially charged narratives. With an explosive fusion of bombastic funk, conscious yet raucous hip-hop, and mind-bending psychedelic blues, BLINDSIGHT showcases Farees and his unmistakable “wall of groove” style of production. It is his artistic signature that is rapidly etching his name in musical history. “It’s in my African ancestry,” Farees muses. “Rhythm is the heartbeat. I build a sonic fortress of diverse rhythmic layers—drums, bass, keyboards, guitars, percussion—then, as the foundation pulses with groove, every melody springs to life. That’s my producer’s mindset.”

One shining gem from the album is “THE MELTING,” a sonic masterpiece featuring the legendary LEO NOCENTELLI on guitars, the maestro of the original METERS lineup. This track weaves together a mesmerizing tapestry of interlocking rhythms and counterpoint melodies akin to a brilliantly crafted jigsaw puzzle. Each element, from the intricate and melodic bass lines to the cascading rhythms, effortlessly melds into a breathtaking symphony of sonic fluidity. “THE MELTING” is an embodiment of Farees’ artistic vision, where disparate elements converge with astonishing grace, giving birth to a musical experience that defies expectations and avoids replication.

Yes, Farees is a singer-songwriter extraordinaire. Yes, he is an innovative and unbelievable guitar player, a producer and poet. He also plays all instruments, from keyboards and drums to traditional African instruments. His vocal prowess resonates with a commanding presence, boasting a profound feeling that captivates all who listen. But above all, Farees is an artist who uses immense talent to shed light on the issues that affect us as humans. Regardless of the continent, beliefs or ethnicity, Farees ignites minds, incites transformation, and cultivates harmony through the power of his music. His artistic expression serves as a catalyst for introspection, challenging societal norms and prompting profound reflection. With each lyric and melody, he stirs the embers of change. Farees inspires his listeners, individually, to question, to challenge, and to seek a better world. His music becomes a unifying force, transcending boundaries and fostering a shared sense of purpose and belonging.

The artistic path of Farees diverges distinctly from any association or militancy with political organizations or parties. He remains unaffiliated, choosing not to align his creative endeavors with any specific political agenda. What Farees brings to the table is something entirely novel and original—a fresh perspective that transcends conventional political activities. He stands resolute in his conviction, eschewing the notion of organizing free individuals in this epoch. He holds no faith in the traditional structures that attempt to corral and categorize people’s inherent freedom. Instead, he envisions a forthcoming era where the shackles of old paradigms are shattered, and a new dawn, radiant with transformative possibilities, emerges on the horizon.

Farees firmly believes that the future holds a profound shift, where the human consciousness awakens to new ways of being and relating. He looks beyond the constraints imposed by political affiliations and institutions. He embraces the potential of a planet that transcends divisive boundaries. Farees envisions a world where the innate freedom of individuals flourishes, unencumbered by the rigid structures of the past. A new era beckons, promising a future where the potential of humanity can fully unfold.

Now let the music speak for itself.

Witness the dawning of a new era. 

~ Lovie Larnell ~