This is the age of bullshit.

The age of shallowness and appearance.
Media manipulation.
You are being conned.
Let me tell you why.

It’s not easy to debunk how show business works nowadays.
It reinforces the status quo,
encourages complaisance, careerism, asslicking.
Do you really think actual change
will ever come out of complaisance and convenience?

They use fake-ass artists and would-be revolutionaries
to make you think they’re fighting the status quo.
It’s a capitalistic trick, and an old one.
Buy this product! It’s against the status quo! It’s dope!
Makes you look like you’re fighting the establishment!
Your friends will think you’re cool!
But if you look into it,
the industry is the most adamant defender of the status quo.
They protect the status quo.
You can’t fight the establishment
while being a part of the establishment.
Looks pretty simple.
Yet it ain’t.
Because words are losing their meaning.
Because media is a bunch of bullshit.
Because they create powerful images.
And they’re really good at propaganda.
So those images become the truth.
Fake it. And fake it again. Until you make it.
Shallow-ass pop music acts now claim they’re cultural movements.
Change makers.

I call bullshit.

The entertainment matrix is able to reproduce itself
because artists and creators never question it.
Because most artists nowadays are sellouts and slaves.
They don’t care that much about music.
We all wanna make it to the top.
Including me.
But fake it to the top?
Not my thing.
I know there are others out there who feel the same way.

So many ride social justice trends
to make more money and gain exposure
while pretending to be actors of change.
They present themselves
as if they was some freedom fighters
or some revolutionary avant-garde and some shit.
Others like to brag about freedom all the time.
I say that social convenience and complaisance
are the opposite of FREE-DOM.
It’s just as much about the mind as it is about the government.
Freedom is not only external– it’s internal.
That’s why it matters to liberate our spirits.
I trust free individuals more than organizations,
parties, clergies, or any particular organized group.
If you are one, you’ve come to the right place.
Welcome, family.
We proclaim that the human spirit cannot be organized.
Once it is organized it becomes an authority
that tells you how to be.
A structure that forces people along a certain mental pattern.
Free spirits, conversely,
are not subject to behavioral, tribal, national or religious rules.
They give zero fucks about what the good sheeple will say.
They’re not conformists or opportunists.
They just do what they think is right.
And they’re eager to take risks.
And that’s when change enters the arena.

Right there.

Think about it.
Change is never nice and easy.
You need to piss off people you work with,
shake things up, attack, dismantle, and even scare the shit outta them.
You need to have values that you won’t sell for a million dollars.
You need to be able to yell “Fuck you, I’m outta here”.
You need to say NO to a lot of so-called opportunities.
Then, once you have liberated yourself,
you can start creating.
For others.
True stuff.
New paths.
Building, sharing.
You can start to inspire.

That’s what I call the “RISK FORMULA”:



No not that one.
I’m not that crazy.
This one.

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-09 at 23.47.31

Risks multiplied Reach, equals Change.
No risks = Zero Change.
Doesn’t matter how much notoriety or success you reach.
Risks means putting yourself in actual danger,
in your work environment, in your career, in your field.
Real risks that can cause consequences.
Retaliation and shit.
Not some bullshit like donating to
a non-profit or boycotting some brands
or raise the fist with a BLM tee on.
I’m talking real risks here.
Reach is the amount of people that will know
that you are taking risks.
People that’ll be aware of what you’re doing.
Those are the people you’ll inspire.
Most of them will still be afraid,
but some of them will think:
“If she’s doing it then I can also do it!!”
And all of a sudden the power structure will begin to shift.
It’s leverage.
So. That’s the formula.
Maybe it’s a dumb idea and a dumb formula.
But you have to admit it illustrates my point pretty well:
Action vs. Inaction.
If enough of us take risks inside
our own area, field, work environment,
The result will be real change.
This applies especially to public figures.
Like artists.
If you’re not a public figure,
things can be a little different.
But risks are risks everywhere.

I’m a musician.
My area is music. Show business. Entertainment.
That’s why I criticize the music industry.
I’ve hustled for years to become an independent artist.
And I mean 100% independent.
Again, not some bullshit “independent” label or musician.
I mean total artistic freedom. No pressure. No censorship.
No lobbies. No mafias. No outside agencies interfering.
See? I’m trying to do the right thing within my area first.
I’m taking personal and professional risks.
Then I can talk about other areas
without contradicting myself.
To just criticize outside of my circle of interest
while participating into the very establishment
I decry with my songs woulda been very easy.
But also pointless, for a real change maker.
I could’ve easily avoid trouble and further efforts if I wanted to.
I was a part of the industry,
And I had to get out.
I could pay and be on some big-ass magazine’s cover next month.
That’s how it works.
You pay and you make the cover.
But that’s not the narrative they go with, huh?
They make it look like it’s deserved.
But let me tell you this much:
I won’t bite no apple from that damned, poisoned tree.
I’m planting a new one.
I don’t care how much time it will take
for it to produce its own fruits.
I’m going to wait.
Taking part in a poisoned system has no point.
Free music is the future. Fuck the industry.
And when I say FREE music I mean it in every sense of the word.
The artists must be free, not just the music.
We are more connected that ever, more informed than ever,
we have access to an incredible database of music, books, ideas.
Yet we stick to an industry model that is completely obsolete.
The music industry is a dead industry.
No quality standards, zero innovation, zero meritocracy.
I’m talking about substantial innovation here.
Not some Auto-Tune, making-the-same-brand-of-pentatonic-
I’m talking about giving the artists the budget and the context to create.
Industry hacks only think short term. Easy, quick.
Fuck them, right?
We are entering a new era.
We expect more from artists.
Just knowing how to play an instrument simply isn’t enough.
You can’t be an ignorant or a bigot.
It’s 2022.
We must evolve.
Artists and the music scene must evolve.
We must have a vision, a better way.
We must be trustworthy and coherent.
We must build new roads.
Be in touch with our spirits.
And the spirit must be free.
Then – as a side effect – the sound will become vision.
And the music will get better.
Vacuous music is abundant these days.
To a certain extent, there’s a subjectivity
surrounding aesthetics.
I get that.
But we should be protesting that kind of
while-pretending-to-love-music script.
Let’s make it obsolete.

Music is more than music.
It’s therapy.
It’s culture.
It’s politics.
It’s power.
And power necessitates responsibility.
Music is a potent, instantly effective medication.
Make you think, learn.
See things from a different perspective.
It moves you.
And from movement comes change.
Music is the most powerful tool of this era.
And free spirits have more power than ever before in history.
Let’s put the two together and see what happens.
Let’s unite around what we are – and,
most importantly, around what we are not.
Please note: This is not about selling products.
It’s about changing minds, beliefs and behaviors.
It’s about raising the cultural bar and making a difference.
Let’s create something clean, something new.

I’ve been thinking of a peer-to-peer network
for quite some time now.
Using the same platforms the status quo uses
to project their artists simply doesn’t work.
A movement needs its own platform to exist.
That’s why I’ve developed
An app to globalize a network of free spirits.
Responsible social media.
A new global family.
A way to connect for mutual help.
Tell stories of injustice that bigger media outlets overlook.
Lend a megaphone to those who are marginalized.
Denounce bad practices.
Debate and learn.
THE KINSHIP will have many different functions.
Covering different areas.
THE KINSHIP will provide opportunity.
THE KINSHIP APP is for free spirits.
Each one fighting from their own area,
field, work environment, continent.
We don’t need to share the same spiritual beliefs.
Or the same heritage.
Or the same sexual orientation.
We know humanity is ONE.
Our mindset is universal.
Diversity and equity.
We are against walls, borders, divisions.
We want freedom of movement and equal opportunities.
Our problems are global.
Racism is not an American or a French or Chinese problem.
Fascism isn’t either.
Injustices and bad practices are everywhere.
THE KINSHIP offers a global solution.
And as it grows it’ll have a life of its own.
This is a safe space for empaths and activists.
No racists, no bigots, no supremacists.
We exclude those people.
Anti-immigration motherfuckers.
Paleo-conservatives, welfare-chauvinists.
Traditionalists and tribalists.
Enough tolerating them.
No more waisting time.
It’s time for doers, for partisans.
Democracy has never been about inventing your own facts.
It should be about opinions, informed opinions.
Let’s raise the bar. Lift up the culture.
We’re old school revolutionaries.
You have to know everything the master knows.
Once you surpass the oppressor with knowledge, you’ll know
how to truly dismantle their corrupt system
and build a better society.
We strongly believe in educating ourselves.
And please remember:
this app is neither mine, yours or theirs.
It’s for all free spirits worldwide.
It’ll always be open to community inputs,
collaborative ideas and feedbacks.
The people will make the movement what it is.
No gurus or leaders here, just thinkers and builders.
Feel free to get in touch if you think you can help.
This is all we can do.
For all the rest, it’s your call.
If you’re still reading this, thank you. Means a lot.
I’ll see you down the road.

Big Hug